The following information should  help you follow through with checking your insurance coverage for Outpatient Mental Health Benefits. If you need further assistance in determining the extent of your coverage please feel free to contact our office at (859) 426-0900.

Professional fees at Psychological Services of Northern Kentucky, PLLC. depend upon the several factors including the level of training and experience of the particular professional you receive treatment from and allowable fees for certain insurance companies. Our fees usually range from $75 to $125 per therapeutic hour.  Typically 80% of this cost is paid by insurance, however, this can vary from 50% to 100% depending upon the specific insurer and other factors.   Please phone us if you would like further personal  assistance in exploring the amount of coverage you may have.  

Dr. West is a participating provider with many local health insurance providers including Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Traditional, Humana/Corp Health and Health Span.  We also accept most other insurance and will bill them directly from our office for you.

The following questions will assist you in your conversation with your health insurance carrier:

  1. 1. How much coverage (in dollar amount or number of sessions) do you have remaining on your     OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH BENEFIT for this year? $ ____________or sessions.

    Also, what is your LIFE-TIME BENEFIT for OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH? $____________

  1. 2. Do you have a DEDUCTIBLE (that is, how much does your insurance company require you to pay     before they begin to pay on your bill)?   If yes, any medical care received in any year should be credited towards this deductible.

  2. 3. Do you have a CO-PAYMENT OR CO-PAY (that is, do you pay a certain dollar amount or percentage of the fee for each service or session)? If yes, fill in the $ ____________amount.

  3. 4.Has your insurance company established a maximum fee per hour session that they will reimburse for?  If yes, fill in the $ ____________amount.

5.  Does your insurance coverage include psychological testing if that were to be recommended for you? 

    If yes, fill in the $ ___________amount per hour of testing.